Yoga is a technique of presence; of return to presence.


I've been teaching since 1998, working with students across the spectrums of age (8-80s) and experience.

I'm currently in Los Angeles.

My teaching and practice is ashtanga-vinyasa based – and I'm happy to teach this form – but when working one-on-one, it essentially is your yoga I'm there to learn and teach from. 


I'm drawn to working with those with or returning from injury or surgery; those active in or returning from addiction; and artists across the disciplines.

Yes, I just included 'artists' in a list of ailments.

I'm experienced in chair yoga as well.

And although I already had worked for years with cancer patients & survivors, in April 2019 I was certified by Yoga4Cancer, an evidence-based methodology created by Tari Prinster.

I hold and teach to the three fundamentals of the practice described by ashtanga, known as tristhani: posture, breath, and gaze.


Beginners form an excellent foundation with me; experienced practitioners benefit as well.

My hands-on assists are skilled – informative, therapeutic.

I have no yoga guru, hold to no dogma … aside from all the above.

The names Levinas & Lacan offer a touchstone for some of the thinking and position I hold towards our earthling experience. But names and Torah aside, essentially I'd say yoga is a mode of our unending gnawing on the suspiring text of our lives – and that I consider our physical bodies included in this writing – a gnawing which is a reading that writes.

Also see the Authentic Movement link here.

I do encourage a ritually held space, so, yes, we will chant OM.

Whether it's OM, shalom, salaam … it ends in mmm, because … it's … pleasuring.


4 class packs:

Individual:  $370.

Two people: $400

Small groups – rates vary with size; I can accommodate up to six.

I work with a sliding scale, and offer an initial ½ hour session/consult for free.

Happy to offer references from my NY or LA students.

I teach out of my home, or come to yours.

To set up a first session, or any other questions, please get in touch.