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A Sacred Misunderstanding
story collection; artist's edition. Brooklyn, NY, 2013.  
more information, & purchase:  here
H.O.W. Art + Literary Journal, Vol.#8, Fall/Winter 2011. (no web version)
read:  here
See Oh Oh Pee (that)
Winner, Summer Literary Seminars 2o12 fiction contest, judged by Mary Gaitskill.
Black Warrior Review, vol. 39.1, Fall/Winter 2012. (no web version)
read:  here
Paraphilia Magazine (online), March 2013.
read:  [💀 link] [pdf]
Lemonhound (online), April 2014.
read:  [💀 link] [pdf]

OmShanty Town (1994) [pdf

Sun Tape fragment  (1991) [pdf]  

Klatch & Maw (1990) [pdf]  

Stump (1999) [pdf]  

b (2014) [pdf]  

By The By (2015) [pdf]  

Warum-Licht (2020) [pdf]  

Constul (1994) [pdf]  

The Mezuzah Thief (1994) [pdf]  

Surrepetition (1994) [pdf]  

No Apple (2016) [pdf]  

Authors Photo (2012) [pdf]  

Natalia (1995) [pdf]  

Ghost; or How To Light By The Past Pictures Too Much Not Interesting Supplies (1995) [pdf]  

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