non_object relations

I am an analyst in formation, a Candidate Research Analyst and member of the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis [LSP], San Francisco, CA. 

I'd consider my analytic orientation non_object relations - to describe the constitutive lack around which the unconscious forms, human relation is woven and frays, and the symptom aches to express.

Acting as support to this lack, and giving ear to the singular speech it causes, is the ethical ground of psychoanalysis. Speech is the material of analysis. The rule still is:  say everything that comes. Comes not just to mind, but elsewise as well.


The analytic encounter itself - in person or remote - generates an other place - something like the small, off to the side site of a changing room. The analyst is just outside the door, feet maybe visible, listening. Inside, your wardrobe of body, name, sex, family, language, culture and civilization is felt in its layers - and … something else.

Our historic moment demands an approach well-steeped in its predecessors and therefore able to reply to its present - ours, not theirs; in this sense, my approach is in the aftermath of Freud and Lacan and contemporarily adjacent to GIFRIC, the Quebec school of Willy Apollon, whose teachings I participate in.

The LSP takes very seriously the notion - essentially an ethical one - of the Lay Analyst.

I am one - writer, artist, somatyst, analyst MFA.

I offer sessions in person or remotely.

I am opposed to valuing psychoanalysis as a luxury good.

My fees are negotiable.

Note:  should you be in a State where my status to practice is not legally recognized, I only offer koanalysis. The practice will be the same, only called otherwise.

If you are interested in working together, please write me here.