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Many of my films have the notation MATURE


Here I bow - I like to bow; ritual annoints time - bow to social, US-fundamentalist convention demanding the naked/sexual/erotic body be considered a controlled substance.

That in these present, retrogressed United blood States, murder and fire-arm violence is more tolerated, more approved, and less restricted than the bodies, born of sex, which they destroy - may very well already be a commonplace; but (as do most commonplaces), this does not just state the obvious, but its obverse as well: in this "culture", sex, the desiring body - the body of jouissance (or in this case jewssance) - the body, the lynching-pin which makes meaning [im]possible and therefore necessary - in the oxymoron of 'gun-culture', the language-sexed body is the founding trauma to which these killers - exiled-from-the-body-in-the-body - make their final haunted, and - implicitly first - reply.  They have the Last Word - the word which defines the syntax of violence - the Last Word, spoken - not in resistance to 'the' powers that be - but in passionate, erotic, sacrificial, ritual-starved supplication to power that - IS

And thus end they all our exiles.


Pornography is the Standard English of this Last Word.


The Last Word makes meaning stop; and, so, is ineradicable.


You'll find neither in my films:  not this Last Word, nor porn's imaginary triumph over the hidden, meant to exile the meaningful and erotic.

But - the erotic is a Yiddish of the Last Word.


The erotic - glimpses the hiddenness of the hidden - not the hidden itself. Which doesn't ex-ist.


And so, in my films - trails of meaning, the body in veils of language, nudity, and trouble.

Don't we share the memory of someone - you know who - threatening:  not another word?

But - that's what these films are - an other … and an other … and an other … and an other … and an other … word.

v o l c o f s k y, october 2017/5778 cheshvan

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