green cap

Feature. 78"08'. Sony A7Sii, 4k HD, 2017.       MATURE


Here beneath the moon - a struggle of bodies to be.


A mother's cut cuts a film in half. 
(And film is life in exile.)
A question of two.

Her act - this cut - weaves bodies times and worlds naked, brutal, erotic, poetic, comedic.

Its end - paradoxically (perhaps) - a well-known creation myth, updated for our current earth, sign of human desire.

Inflected and infected by cinema time & theater space, Jewish myst & history, porn and language, childhood barred and books on the floor. 

"A wound is a shared frontier." – Edmond Jàbes

Written, Directed, Designed by M Kennedy Volcofsky
Performed by:  Cecelia Phoenix, Lyle Kash, Mackenzie Boudreau, Benjamin S Sneyd, Noelle E Rankin, Max Sneyd, Julien Theo, Ben Neufeld.

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15"10'. HD, 2019.           MATURE?

Or how two is always one minus itself.

knock on lock

6"50'. iPhone 6S 4kHD, 2017.       MATURE

Mz Lacan lectures … who's there. 

Jacques Lacan, text. (Seminar, Book XX.)

E Z Sweeney, vocals.  


3"38'. HD, BMPCC, 2016.

Matthew Kelly, Simon Greenberg. Authentic Movement.


3"42'. iPhone 3G, 2015.

An afternoon impromptu.


4"19'. iPhone 4S, 2014.

The lumening bone. Some call it horror. Some don't.

Ice & Fog

13"13'. iPhone 4S, 2014.     MATURE

Landscape diptych.


17"52'. iPhone 4S, 2014.

Film is an enemy army's doula.

Not for phone screens.

(NB:  kothornos - platform footwear worn by ancient Greek actors to enhance their height.)


7"42'. Hi8DV. 2005.

snow vein

12"04'. silent. DV, camera phones, 2005.   MATURE  

silence music_1. First Film.     


42"29'. iPhone 4S, 3G, Hi8DV. 2015.         MATURE

Written & Produced by M Kennedy Volcofsky
Directed by Jennifer Neptune

A biopoem.

What is it? The thing that crawls, crawls equally over you and the objects of the world? Are you one? Is it you? Are you its?

Sit or stand, it falls.

Architecture and archive - founts of alienation. 

Between two encounters which do indeed conclude, something maybe culture abandons a man, and something maybe a man contemplates abandoning a child.

Premiered in 2015 at REDCAT, in Los Angeles. My, but the audience made a lot of noise.


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A Prehistory

16"30'. HD, 2019.           MATURE

Ep. 1.

You Get To Not Know (touch gently the lump of love)

15"55'. HD/DV, 2018.        MATURE

Stage, Screen & Fiction compote.

Introductory trailer made for "M Kennedy Volcofsky, A Critical Forum" at PAM, Highland Park, Los Angeles. Excerpts from stage, screen, and page.

May, 2018.


21"05'. HD; iPhone 4S, BMPCC. 2016.       MATURE

Its thirst, environmental horror & sexual and political dread are readable by its having been made during the run up to the 2016 US presidential election - but that's too easy.


16"17'. HD; iPhone 4S, 3G. 2016.       MATURE

What happens if the bridge unbreaks? Travel.

sun map

13"11'. iPhone 4S, 2015.

Being & Death - between Levinas & Lacan.

It's a beautiful day.


7"29'. Digital Bolex, 2015.

[harmonic of exposed hiddenness.]

Sound: Otomo Yoshihide, NASA, boiling Bialetti.


1"12'. iPhone 4S, 2014.     MATURE

St. Louis red.


3"28'. DV. 2013.

See That Light

2"16'. iPhone 4S, 2012. 

Music video. Written & performed by volcøfsky.

birth of objects

2"48'. DV. 2004.     MATURE