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To Be And Not To Be  [deep fake]

authentic movement labs


Essentially, the AM practice is a mode of free association of the entire organism. 

Witnessed by a group, for a set time – with eyes closed – you follow impulses to move (or not), to sound (or not), or to speak (or not).


You move through any number of cycles, with variations in length of time and ways of entering time being witnessed.

After a time for warm up, the lab starts with a brief eye-hand exercise. 

We also decide as a group how – or even if – to talk about what we witness – as mover and as watcher.

Whether witness or witnessed, an other kind of seeing, listening and being is accessed.


‘Authentic Movement’ was originated by Mary Starks Whitehouse for Dance Movement Therapy.

While it’s become a creative tool in the live and film arts, these are not ‘performance’ workshops – although they certainly do produce material for work.


No experience necessary (or … possible?).

I find its questionable use of authenticity (like the free in free association) precisely part of its power, and its distinction from – and relationship to – psychoanalysis as well.

I hold these labs regularly (presently in Los Angeles). Please get in touch if interested in joining.

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